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Priscilla Jensen has a creative touch to her whether it's in the kitchen or the workforce, no matter what the situation she finds a way to solve the problem. From her team work skills to her leadership skills Priscilla finds a way to show empathy with every project and person that comes across her path. If Priscilla Jensen had to choose one thing that she was most passionate about it would be people. Priscilla is Youth Director at Cour Experience, a non-profit that helps kids manage their anxiety and depression in a holistic way through teaching kids the importance of proper nutrition, exercise and a mind-body connection. Priscilla Jensen was born and raised in El Dorado Hills California, Where she discovered her passion for real estate. Priscilla has great knowledge of the market. Whatever she touches turns lucrative because of her grit, knowledge, compassion, organization skills, focused listening, and determination to solve any problem that knocks on her doorstep.